Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I've been eating - 5.20.12

From greece to spain to north africa all in one bite.
Zena Foods has a stand at the farmers market in Carmichael park.  This stand has sauces and dips spanning over the entire eastern half of the planet from tsatski to harissa.  The vendor had us try a piece of pita with a sundried tomato and feta salad sprinkled on top of a spoonful of tabouleh.  We couldn't say no.  I also bought a container of harissa which i plan on mixing with a bit of mayo for a chicken lavash wrap tomorrow night.  

At home, we opened up the containers and I took things one step further by adding a dollop of harissa on top of the whole pile.  So many flavors.

I think their stand is at the carmichael park market every sunday.  Five bucks for a container of wonder.  Not a bad deal at all.  Esp. the feta salad.  

Masullo Pizza
You should check this place out on google maps:

You're driving down the street looking for this place and then suddenly hey what?  there it goes.  turn around and try to find a parking spot in front of the restaurant, which seems more like a sidewalk than a lot.

Anyways, my favorite style of pizza is Neapolitan style crusts.  These are thin crusts that flop over when held from the rim.  The toppings were great but what really got me was the quality of the pizza crust.  Very lightly chewy with a subtle tanginess.  Oh did i mention they use a real firewood oven here?  Not a brick oven that is made to look like firewood but is really just gas.  Real wood fire.  The char on the pizza crust was a refreshing wake-up.

If you enjoy Neapolitan style pizzas, you should give it a shot.  $14-16 a pizza.  Definitely one per person so it's a bit pricey.  However, i think a great deal for an impressive place for a date.  If the later, I might recommend avoiding the one with anchovies.  However if your date doesn't mind, you really should try it.  And if your date doesn't mind garlic and anchoivies, you know that's a big plus.

Olives, red onion, fontina topped with a parsley - anchovy blend

Oyster mushrooms, bacon, and chopped sage with a very light cream sauce

There was also a red sauce pizza but by the time it got to the table i didn't care enough to take pictures.  Also, while it was very good, it didn't hold my attention like these two.

Pizza.  It starts with the crust.  You can get tasty toppings anywhere.  What's difficult is finding quality crust.

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