Tuesday, July 24, 2012


for the past few weeks we have been buckling down for the "finish line" and waiting for our lives to grow just a bit fuller than it already is. great bread has been baked, chloe's growing up really fast, and i've been thinking about how the concept of a nerd has been watered down by pop-culture.

anyways i haven't had much time to blog but here are a two Legend of Zelda themed links i thought worth looking at:

I don't know how i feel about this
Kaytie enjoys getting on my nerves by making fun of Link's features as feminine (which they are not... they are elvish... no one thought twice about legolas or any of the elves of middle earth) and this video does not help my case.  I appreciate her musical arrangement but... i don't know.  Link doesn't point his toes up in the air.  Ever.  Having said that, the costume is pretty rad.

You thought your parents were weird?
For those who think they have weird parents, imagine if you found this video tape amongst your parents old stuff.  For the record, no these are not my parents.  Although I admit i would be supremely jazzed if my parents were in this video.

Old Legend of Zelda Commercials
#8 is my personal favorite

It's funny because it's true...
YouTube - Peach and Zelda boyfriends

And finally...
YouTube - Zelda and Peach catch up

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